Bec Judd reveals what it takes to get red-carpet ready these days.

She might have two teeny ones at home, but this mum knows how to rock it out for a big fashion bash.

Model Rebecca Judd, 31, took a night of from mummy duties last night to go to the Myer Spring/Summer 2015 launch at Carriageworks in Sydney’s Redfern.

Looking stunning as always, Bec answered a question about losing weight after having baby Billie in January, like this.

“It’s all about Pilates, Pilates, Pilates, Pilates. I wish I could run but I just don’t have time. And I just work out on (husband) Chris’ reformer equipment all the time, in his man cave. And there’s a spin bike down there I use… it’s all about being fit and strong and toned” she told The Daily Mail.

But Bec doesn’t just put it down to her hard work, explaining that her mum’s genetics play a big part too.

“I’m lucky I’ve got my mum’s body type and we can eat whatever we like. I need to work at putting on weight and muscle not losing it” she said.

And when it comes to those decadent food tables Bec is faced with when she goes in to Channel 9 to do filming for Postcards, she says “I eat all of it! With my role sometimes we eat all day long.”

Bec is married to AFL player Chris Judd, who is the father of their daughter Billie, 7-months, and their son Oscar, 3.

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