The post-pregnancy body 'problem' we never expected Bec Judd to find "fun".

Child birth: it’s the ultimate gift of life, and also the gift of… um, changes to your body.

Depending on how you feel about having a never-ending pimple in a secret spot to play with, Bec Judd’s post-baby body discovery could actually be something to look forward to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

The mum-of-four revealed today she has a permanent hole full of “fun stuff” to squeeze, which if you’re a fan of pimple popper videos could be right up your alley.

It’s wouldn’t be the first time Bec has been open about her post-baby body – she previously gave us the full lowdown on her “Dolly Parton on steroids” boobs.

Bec Judd post-baby boobs
"I look like Dolly Parton. On steroids," Bec Judd said of her post-baby boobs. Image: Facebook

While co-hosting the 3pm Pick-Up on KIIS FM with Monty Diamond and Yumi Stynes, Bec, again, spared no detail about this latest revelation:


“People who have old piercings will be able to relate to this,” she explained.

“If the [piercing] tunnel is maintained it fills up with makeup or spray tan and stuff like that. What happened when I was pregnant with the twins, my tummy stretched so much that the tunnel from my old belly button ring stretched so it got bigger.

“Now the babies have gone… I think the tunnel fills up more easily.”

Woah ho ho. We think we know where this is going.

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While her co-host Monty said it was “next level foul”, Bec went on to explain that she had her belly button pierced when she was around 18, and when she saw that the old wound was "filling up" post-birth, she panicked that it could be something more severe.

“I actually thought it was something bad. I went and saw a dermatologist and said ‘is this skin cancer’ and he’s like ‘nope, that’s just a constantly filling pimple popper you can have’.”

Phew. Now back to the "fun stuff".

“I can push and all sorts of fun stuff comes out,” she explained.

“I had two spray tans last week, so I get this bronze blackhead on it."

Sounds like she has a fun Thursday planned.