Rebecca Judd shares her tip for the perfect photo after noticing a strange Instagram trend.

Rebecca Judd has a stunning Instagram-feed and she has finally shared her trick for beautiful photos. All it takes is her favourite Instagram filter, Valencia.

Judd gave the advice after noticing something strange happening on social media accounts. The mother-of-four says she didn’t realise what was going on until she was with some girlfriends who started talking about the airbrushing and photo-shopping app, Facetune.

Judd says she uses the Valencia filter on Instagram and nothing else. Post continues… 

“You can actually give yourself boobs, shrink in your waist, make your bum bigger like the whole Kim Kardashian look and it explains so many things ’cause there are these bodies I’ve been seeing on Instagram and I think…where do your lungs go, where does your stomach go, how does it even work?” she asked on afternoon radio show 3PM Pick-Up on KIIS FM.

She brilliantly called it out, saying the fact that so many people alter their appearances in photos on Instagram is “appalling”.


The model and writer says you can tell if someone has used Facetune if the background of the photo is a bit warped, which is apparently how the Kardashians were exposed for using Facetune on their Instagram feeds, with Khloe Kardashian admitting she uses it regularly.

Khloe Kardashian has been "outed" for using Facetune, as the blurred background indicates. Image: Instagram @khloekardashian

Co-host Monty Dimond also pointed out the problem with using Facetune to alter photos you post on social media. She said, "people think you're crook" when they see you in person.

Judd says she sticks to her favourite filter - Valencia instead, which she says removes the dark circles from under her eyes.

"I'm very partial to the old Valencia filter on Instagram. That's about as far as I go, you know, it gets rid of your dark eye bags and it smooths out your skin, so I do love a bit of Valencia," she concluded.

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