How to get Rebecca Judd's beachy waves in less than 10 minutes.

If you’re one of the 0.005 per cent of the population who either has natural goddess-like wavy hair, congratulations.

For the rest of us, Rebecca Judd has shared her go-to trick for faking it. Even better, it’s possible to achieve in less than 10 minutes. And it’s much easier than you’d think.

The weather presenter demonstrated her method in a video on her website, Rebecca Judd Loves.

Her weapons of choice? Dry shampoo, a GHD curler, a paddle brush and some hairspray. (Post continues after video.)

1. Volume.

The first thing Judd does is liberally spray dry shampoo (she used this great Klorane version that’s $15.99) near her roots to give body and volume to her hair.ion separately.

Tie up the top layer of your hair into a bun to leave until last. After you’ve curled the rest of your hair, you can take your time with the top layer which is the most important as it frames your face. (Post continues after gallery.)

3. Tong away.

Always tong in the direction away from your face. This will open up your face.

4. Don’t curl from the top.

Don’t start the curl too far near your roots as it will turn out way too ringlet-y . Judd recommends lining up the first bend with the start of your cheekbone.

5. Keeping it in.

Run your fingers gently through your curls or for really soft waves, gently brush through. Judd is blessed with hair that keeps its curl, but if not liberally spray with hairspray, then you’re done!

Image: Instagram/@becjudd.