Everyone's obsessed with Rebecca Judd's maternity dress.

Whatever Rebecca Judd touches turns to gold. The most recent example? Her striped maternity dress that’s sending people into a frenzy.

The Postcards host shared a picture from the set of a photoshoot on Instagram, wearing a navy blue and white stripe knit dress.

Hello little juddys ???????????????? Shoot day for @adairs with the A Team.

A photo posted by Rebecca Judd (@becjudd) on Jun 15, 2016 at 8:26pm PDT

It took approximately half a second for her followers to go ballistic, insisting Judd reveal where the frock was from.

“Love your dress, need a good preggo dress. Can I ask where it’s from?” commented georgia.henry. Another commenter asked a little more bluntly: “Where is your dress from????”

For those wondering, we have good news and bad.

The dress in question is from Country Road. With long sleeves and a pull-down shoulder-baring neckline it’s a comfy winter number, and as you can see by Judd, it’s great for showing off your baby. (Or food baby, for that matter as it’s not a maternity-specific item.) Watch: Bec Judd on how she juggles it all. (Post continues after video.)


The crappy news? It’s from last season and not currently available online.

There is hope though. Our investigations reveal that there are still a number lurking on the racks of Country Road stores around the country. Act quickly though – not only can you expect these to disappear fast now Judd has endorsed it (do we need to remind you about what happened with the $2 Kmart bowls the other week?), the $99.95 dress is also currently 25 per cent off in the sale.

UPDATE: Due to overwhelming demand, Country Road have confirmed they are restocking the dress. Head to their website to register on the wait list and be the first to know when it’s back in stock.

What are you waiting for? (Post continues after gallery.)

If you can’t find one despite being willing to trade your firstborn/partner, don’t despair.

An eagle-eyed follower pointed out that online store Esther Boutique has a strikingly similar option available. Available in blacky/blue and white, the ‘Vuitton Stripe Dress’ is slightly cheaper at $79.95 although available sizes are limited.

Image: Esther Boutique.

Elbows at the ready, ladies.

Image: Instagram/@becjudd.

What's your favourite shop for maternity clothes?