That Brownlow dress that Rebecca Judd ALMOST wore.

As usual, Rebecca Judd looked stunning at the Brownlow Medals last night.

She wore a fancy, spiral-y white dress with pretty bodice bits. They may or may not be the technical fashion terms.

But today she has revealed on her website RebeccaJuddLoves ‘the dress that almost was’.

This is what she DID wear:

And THIS is what she ALMOST wore:

See the difference? They both have this beautiful bodice (picture here with Bec’s jewellery by Paul Bram):

But she chose the spiralled skirt. “I wanted a full skirt style as I had not worn one before, but I needed it to be different to all of the full skirts I’d seen on the red carpet of late,” explained Bec. She decided the full skirt was “a little too Met Gala for the Brownlow”.

Good choice Bec. You looked stunning. See?

And the dress was a work of spiral-y, bodice-y art.

Did you see all the Brownlow dresses? Who deserves the Gownlow?