Another Rebecca Judd Instagram body debate.

Rebecca Judd, 31, is a model, TV presenter, and a lifestyle blogger.

As such, her Instagram feed is a showcase of what appears to be a beautiful life: all tanned limbs clad in designer duds, adorable Country Road catalogue children, doting husband and tasteful interiors.

What comes with that territory, though, is giving permission to every man and his dog with an Instagram account and a half-formed opinion the opportunity to pass judgement.

And so they have.

Judd in her J’Aton dress. Image via Instagram.

This picture Judd posted of herself seated in a revealing J’Aton dress at the Herald Sun 25th birthday gala this week prompted her followers to comment that she looked “anorexic” and “too thin”.

“You need to start eating some fat food,” wrote one.

Others posted in Judd’s defense, calling her beautiful and disciplined.

Anyone else tired of the critique and requiring a lie down? We surely do.

Judd told beauty blog Beauticate just days ago that she doesn’t have to do a whole lot to maintain her slender figure — then went into detail about the Tabata and Pilates regimen she undertakes.

Rebecca Judd with her husband, former AFL player Chris Judd.

“I’ve never dieted to stay slim,” she said, giving credit to good genes from her mother.

“I need carbs otherwise I feel hungry all the time and I get angry, so I always choose high fibre, multigrain breads and I eat lots of brown rice,” she said.

Judd’s no stranger to the world of internet body judgement. A picture she posted last year just months after giving birth showed her extremely slim body clad in a bikini and the comments came thick and fast.

The controversial bikini shot.

“I like following you Bec but please reconsider the message you are sending to young impressionable women,” wrote one.

Just yesterday, we reported on the backlash Serena Williams is facing for possibly photoshopping her stomach flatter in a snap uploaded to Instagram.

What’s the takeaway here? Women’s bodies will always be conversational currency and if you post pictures of your body online, it will become a battleground of different ideologies.