EXCLUSIVE: Rebecca Harding's Logies diary shows what it really takes to get red carpet ready.

Make no mistake. Getting ready for the 2019 TV Week Logie Awards is not a small operation.

No one dashed to the shops the night before the Logies to find a dress, or flew to the Gold Coast with a single, slightly overweight carry on bag.

NO. To be red carpet ready, one must begin preparations weeks, if not months in advance.

While you’re here, here’s a quick recap of the fashion from last year’s Logies. Post continues after video.

One of the most photographed and Instagrammed faces on Sunday night’s red carpet was model Rebecca Harding, who walked the red carpet (well, technically the gold carpet) with her partner, comedian Andy Lee.

To give us a look at what actually goes into getting ready for the Logies red carpet, Bec shared her Logies prep diary exclusively with Mamamia with help from her stylist, Elliot Garnaut.

From facials and workouts to designing the dress and avoiding spray tan disasters, here’s exactly what went into Bec’s Logies look.

One month before Logies.

Brainstorming session with stylist for Logies outfit.

This was my inspiration for my Logies look. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "Elliot is a great mate of mine and a wonderful stylist, who I've worked with in the past so I thought he was the perfect person to help me out with my Logies outfit this year

He is also the most hilarious person you'll ever meet. Choosing the outfit is probably the most difficult part of the process because the options are endless. This year, I took inspiration from the 70s, the 2019 Met Gala theme and Cher because... Cher. Elliot and I discussed potential designers and after much deliberation, we arrived at Lillian Khallouf. I've worked with Lillian in the past, and adore her style and ability to dress the female figure."

Elliot: "Technically, we are working, but doing what you love with the people you love really is something special so dressing Bec for the Logies doesn't feel like work. For me, I am always one to push it because fashion isn't to be taken too seriously. My goal for Bec's look was to completely transform her persona and find a new confidence. To be extra, camp if you will, yet ensure Bec felt totally comfortable and herself."

PT Sessions at Fox Fit.

SO FUN. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "Generally, I work out three to four times a week, but I thought I'd try out some PT sessions with Tom from Fox Fit in the lead to the Logies. Our first session was super tough, I hate running and he made me run… a lot."

Facial at the Doctor's Studio.

If only I could glow like this everyday. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "Mai from the Doctor's Studio is my skin angel. I've been seeing her for five years now. In the lead up to a big event, I like to go and see her for some extra hydration, lift and glow."

Hair cut at Uva Salon.

Getting my hair done. Reluctantly. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "I despise getting my hair cut. But Marie at Uva Salon makes it a lot less of a chore. She will always message me when she sees my hair is looking a little dry on Instagram. She knew the Logies were coming up so made an appointment for me to come in and get my hair trimmed and a treatment to make it extra glossy."


First measurements taken with Lillian Khallouf.

Lillian working her magic. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "Lillian flew to Melbourne for our first brainstorm and measurements meeting. She loved our ideas and sketched up some potential ideas on the spot. I'm always in awe watching designers sketch. It's mesmerising."

Three weeks before the Logies.

Flew to Sydney for the first fitting with Lillian Khallouf.

The first look at what my dress will look like. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "A week later, Lillian had the base of a dress. From this, we played around with different fabrics and shapes. The use of tulle made it easy to pin and un-pin the different styles and gave me an idea of what the final product could potentially look like."


Elliot: "This was a fundamental step in the process as it allowed a visual 'base' of the overarching silhouette of the dress. Past this point, there ain't no turning back!"

PT Sessions at Fox Fit.

MORE FUN. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "Back at Fox Fit. Tom had me running, lifting and throwing. He is tough, but I feel like I'm getting stronger and fitter."

Brows at Brow and Beauty Co.

Brow tidy up. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "I stopped doing my brows about four years ago, but recently noticed they were getting a little bit out of hand. Two of my friends had recommended Lelya from Brow and Beauty Co, so I started seeing her a few months ago. Today, she just gave them a little tidy up and a very, very small tint. I tell her I like my brows bushy, but contained."

Two weeks before the Logies.

Second fitting with Lillian Khallouf.

Starting to take shape!! Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "When we first tried the dress today, something wasn't quite right. We continued to play around with shapes, and it was like something clicked. Within 15 minutes, Elliot and Lillian had completely changed the dress and it all came together perfectly. It was amazing watching two creatives work together and see their combined visions come to life in real time."

Hair and makeup discussions (Elliot and Bec's ongoing debate).

My Logies hair and makeup mood board. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "Elliot wants a dark lip. I want a nude lip. Discussions continue."

Elliot: "Discussions escalate she means. I'm not one to shy away from ideas via Instagram DM, WhatsApp, iMessage, you name it - I'll find you and present idea after idea after idea."

PT Sessions at Fox Fit.

FUN FUN FUN. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "Did I mention Tom's making me run? I'll be ready to run a marathon in no time. He combines cardio, strength and conditioning into all of my sessions."

Week of the Logies.

Third and fourth fittings with Lillian Khallouf.

Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.
Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.
Behind-the-scenes at my dress fitting. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec:  "We have a dress! And it's perfect. Our final two fittings were thrown into one whirlwind trip to Sydney. We flew in (very) early in the AM, had our first fitting, went off to meetings, and came back at the end of the day to the finished product. Can you tell I'm in love?"

Facial at the Doctor's Studio.

Thank you for getting rid of my pimple. I appreciate you. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "Today, I went to visit Mai again at the Doctor's Studio. A huge pimple popped up on the right side of my face, which she took care of. She also used the fotona laser over my skin, which helped to plump and lift the skin. It works wonders!"

PT Sessions at Fox Fit.

You guessed it... FUN. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "Still running. But today's session included a bit of band work and skipping. I haven't skipped since I was in primary school. It's not as easy as I remember."

Final styling details with Elliot.

Shoes = sorted. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "ALERT. We may have found the most perfect shoe that ever existed. This could be the one. Please ignore the jumper and jean combo, these shoes deserve better than this.

Elliot: "Working with YOOX Net-a-Porter for the first time to finalise Bec's outfit details. It was a dream come true, think: Aladdin’s Cave for luxury fashion. The dress needed the perfect shoe. Not too loud, not too modest. A 'Hey I'm here, but imma let you do your thing' shoe."

Approve Andy’s look with Elliot.

APPROVED. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "Just running my eyes over Andy's look for Sunday night. Gets my tick of approval! Note to self: remind Andy to pack black socks and cufflinks."

Elliot: "Andy is a man of charisma and class. Bold yet refined, his Hugo Boss tux is the perfect balance of classic yet directional."

The day before the Logies.

Fly to the Gold Coast.

bec harding
Almost makes the early morning wake up worth it. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "En route to Capri. Nah, just joking. See you soon, GC."

Spray tan at Spray Aus.

bec harding
How good is a hotel bathrobe?! Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "Yesterday's spray tan with the girls from Spray Aus is looking is great! Moisturise, Moisturise, moisturise! I always ask for super light, and leave it on for two hours MAX. I hate looking like I've had a spray tan, but always love to look as though I've got a glow from a week in the Maldives."

Out for a pre-Logies dinner with the gang.

Not my Logies outfit. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.
Pre-Logies carb loading. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "Dressed for an early dinner at Rick Shore's, Elliot literally threw this outfit at me as I boarded the plane. It's pouring with rain outside, fingers crossed it clears up by tomorrow afternoon!"

Beauty sleep.

See ya tomoz. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "10:06pm: Off to bed. See you in the AM."

Logies day.

Breakfast time!

Please make me look fabulous. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.
So chic. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "Time to mask. I'll leave this on for 20 minutes while I eat breaky. It's always a glamorous affair! Spot the guy who doesn't want to get out of bed."

Time for hair and makeup.

Glam squad. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.
These people are genuises. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "I begged Marie to leave the hair extensions this long, but she said no. I'll try again next year. Hair and make up is almost done. Elliot and I compromised with hair back (Elliot's choice) and a nude lip (my choice). My glam squad (Chantelle Baker and Marie Uva) have done it again!"

Bec's makeup details: Tom Ford eye colour quad (Cocoa Mirage), Marc Jacobs lipstick (Fawn Over Me) and highlighter (Dew You Drops).

Time to get dressed.

The finishing touches. Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "This is the first time I'm seeing the finished product from Lillian and I LOVE IT! Also, check out the shoes that Elliot found, they're the cherry on top!"

The Big Reveal!

The finished look! Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.
Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.
Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.
Andy's ready too! Image: Supplied/Bec Harding.

Bec: "TA DA! And here we are. What a crazy few weeks it's been. See you on the red carpet!"

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