Rebecca Gibney is giving her fans makeup advice, and it's freaking them the eff out.

Gold Logie alumnus Rebecca Gibney is well-known for her acting ability and charm, but you know what she doesn’t receive enough recognition for?

Her beauty tips.

Oh yes, reader friends. You simply must acquaint yourselves with Rebecca’s beauty tips, which include the likes of: “Always be aware of your contouring,” and “don’t forget to take your makeup off before you go to sleep so you get nice and shiny skin like me”.

If that sounds like totally practical/borderline boring advice, maybe you should have a look yourself…


A-yup! In the last 48 hours, The Killing Field star has taken it upon herself to share precisely 10 of these “beauty tip” videos.

While the vast majority flocked to the actor’s Instagram posts to delight in how bloody funny she is, it’s safe to say some of her fans were, well, a little… concerned for her wellbeing.

“You are cray cray,” one fan commented on one video, another: “This was disturbing to watch.”

Luckily, the worrywarts were put at ease when Rebecca shared this:

There ya have it, folks — there’s nothin’ to see here other than one witty actress who possibly has a li’l bit too much time to spare in between scenes.

Never change, Rebecca Gibney. Never change.

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