This celebrity mum was shamed for not losing her pregnancy weight.

Since when is being a size 12 embarrassing?

Rebecca Ferguson, 28, gave birth to her daughter Arabella four months ago. And since welcoming her baby, she has been subjected to vicious taunts about her post-baby body.

Because apparently, a size 12 is just far too big.

Ferguson who is a former X Factor star, spoke to Fabulous magazine about her critics, who she says have been putting pressure on her to lose weight.

Rebecca Ferguson with her daughter Arabella.

“There's this culture where we celebrate people snapping back into shape a week after the birth, but I don't want to be one of those people - I just want to enjoy Arabella,” Ferguson said.

This is Ferguson ’s third child, already being mum to Lillie, 10, and Karl, nine who she shares with her former boyfriend Karl Dures, 29. She has never named the father of Arabella publicly.

Rebecca Ferguson after giving birth to Arabella.

Sadly this isn’t the first time Ferguson has received this kind of pressure either. Talking about her previous pregnancies she said, “When I look back, I think I should have just enjoyed my babies and not worried about my weight or being skinny.”

“I'm curvy, I've got thighs, but I'm not big. I eat healthily and I'm breastfeeding, so I know the weight will come off naturally,” she continued.

Rebecca Ferguson during her pregnancy.

In a world where celebrities are applauded for getting their "pre-baby bodies back", Ferguson says she won’t give into the pressure this time. She wants new mums everywhere to know that being shamed into losing weight isn’t right.

Women's bodies are amazing, what our bodies can do is incredible so it's sad that we get distracted - all this stuff about being skinny, be this, be that, they're all distractions,” Ferguson explained.

“They rob us of what we should be focusing on and that's sad,” she concluded.

Have you ever felt pressured to lose weight after giving birth?

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