The Bachelor's Rebecca Chin has a new boyfriend.

Doesn’t it seem like all the girls from this years Bachelor are coming out of the house only to fall into the loving arms of a new suitor? Heather Maltman, we’re certainly looking at you. Well, lovely Bec isn’t too far behind them, sharing an Instagram snap with amateur boxer Dean Vee that 100% confirms they’re a new power couple.

The 28-year-old took the picture in Maitland Bay yesterday after what can only be described as the perfect beach day. The pair are in a passionate embrace, while Dean’s rescue dog watches on from below.

HELLO OCEAN and new couple. Image: Instagram.

The photo read "Days like this, moment like these" which is exactly the kind of 21st caption Shakespeare would write if he was alive today. Romance.

But Bec isn't the only one writing sonnet-worthy captions. Dean posted a photo of the pair saying "What a night! Think I won twice with this one @becchin x."

Rebecca Chin was booted from the Bachelor but she's found love anyway so HA! Image: Instagram.

The IT couple spent their long weekend at Randwick Racecourse in Sydney and Dean even accompanied Bec to the launch of her new clothing line. So he's a supportive boyfriend too.

We think Bec has bagged herself a winner.

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