A husband has made a list of reasons why his wife cries.

“She watched a video about a dog”

What makes you cry? Christmas songs? A puppy dog meme? The national anthem?

What about Toy Story 3?

(When Andy leaves his toys! I still can’t deal.)

Aaron Gillies and his wife blogger Talonted Lex.

If the sight of a solitary lemon hanging from a tree or the time Georgie Gardner farewelled the Today Show makes you break down and sob then this list is for you.

British comedic author Aaron Gillies has tweeted a list of things that have brought his wife to tears.

“She found out swans can be gay and thought that was really nice.”

“She was hungover and saw a picture of a piglet.”

“I waited until it was dark and pretended to be the Babdook.”

“The fluffy bunny escaped from an arctic fox in a documentary”.

The tweet,  reposted more than 20,000 times and on the front page of Reddit, at first sparked concern from readers worried his wife might need emotional or medical help help.

“And I thought I was bad… Sounds like a hormone imbalance, OP. She should see a therapist, unless she’s pregnant cause then it’d be normal.”

Other’s empathised.

“I cried while watching Justin Bieber surprise his fans on YouTube yesterday…. I feel for your wife.”

Another: “I’m a guy and I cried watching the Notebook, my wife and kids make fun of me”

And this: “This is literally me. I cry about anything!”


Some were blunt:

“Let’s be honest. We’d all cry if there were no more biscuits.”

There was beauty.


And chocolate.

As the tweet gathered pace some on Twitter found reason to be concerned.

But Gillies’ wife was quick to defend her husband.

Gillies also posted a response to concerned commenters.

“Thanks to everyone trying to diagnose my wife with mental health problems but I can assure you this is just what she’s like! Oh and she’s not pregnant either.”

His wife, who blogs about beauty at Talonted Lex, echoed Aaron’s comments.

Here’s a test – see if you can get through this clip from ET dry eyed.

Video via Movieclips