"Because it was... sunny." 17 parents share the reasons their toddler has cried in isolation.

It’s fair to say life in isolation has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for the best of us.

But for parents with toddlers, isolation means having to deal with weekly meltdowns that don’t really make… sense. Like having to explain why you have to wear underpants to go outside for a walk or why you can’t just ‘teleport’ through Skype to see your family.

It’s a pretty tough gig considering toddlers cry over just about anything and everything. Whether it be over something small like buying the wrong type of grapes or things that make absolutely no sense like… the sun, sometimes you just can’t win.

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So to make you feel better about your toddler’s emotional meltdowns (and give you a much-needed laugh), here are 17 completely irrational things toddlers have cried about during isolation.



1. “There was tomato sauce in her tomato sauce,” Georgi.

2. “I finished eating my breakfast before him, he wanted to finish his breakfast first,” Jen. 

3. “Because she’s not a teenager – at age four,” Claire. 

4. “Because she couldn’t teleport through Skype and have a playdate with her cousin,” Inam.

5. “You’ll notice next to a sleeping baby. This is because he broke his brother’s toy,” Liz.

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6. "Because his dad blew on his porridge to cool it down. EPIC MELTDOWN at 6.30am," Kate.

7. "We use Huggies nappies with a Mickey Mouse pattern on them. He loves Mickey Mouse so wails every morning when I put the dirty nappy in the bin," Jane. 

8. "Because she had to wear underpants at the minimum to go on our walk #freespirit," Katie. 

9. "Because she wanted a noodle (needle) from the Dr. This lasted a good 40 minutes," Sarah.

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10. "Because his goodbye on a video call to grandma wasn’t long enough, we had to call back and make that goodbye a touch longer," Helen. 


11. "It was sunny. Where she had a tantrum in the sun. So confusing for rational people," Rachael.

12. "I bought red grapes instead of green grapes. Big mistake," Liana.

13. "My 3.5-year-old thought it was totally unfair that only the postman got to open the big red letterbox. She demanded to see the letters too and proceeded to try and wrench the door open," Kristy.

14. "Took her socks off then cried because she couldn’t get them back on," Cella.

15. "After demanding fried rice for lunch, it was clearly not okay that her brother was given the same," Liez.

Image: Supplied/Liez.

16. "Because I made him toast when he asked for toast. To be fair he’s had this type of meltdown prior to lockdown over toast," Bec. 

17. "Because I wouldn't take the wrapper off the crayon. Note - there was no wrapper on the crayon because I'd taken it off the last time he asked me," Marie-Claire.

What's the silliest thing your toddler has cried about recently? Let us know in the comments below. 

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