Why no-one gets in the way of my Friday night.

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Anyone who knows me well can tell you that, given the option, I will almost always choose a night in, curled up on couch in a pair of trackies, over a night out.

And while many have snickered at my choice of Friday night “excitement” in the past, it turns out, that in 2017, I’m right on trend.

You see, this year, the most exciting night out became all about staying in.

night in tea book
HELLO, perfect night. Image: iStock.

That's right, forget about those raging Saturday nights at the hottest club, wearing the highest heels and drinking those sugary cocktails. The wellness movement has replaced those things with a bingeable TV show, a pair of woollen socks and wrapping your hands around a warm mug of tea.

Instead of seeing a night in as a night wasted, here are a few ways you can make the most of your dialled-down evening.

1. Me time.

If ever there was a go-to reason for having a night in on a Friday night, it's because you've scheduled in a little "me time".

Sometimes, after a hard, chaotic week at work, the thought of sitting amongst a busy restaurant, or dancing in a crowded club can be a little too much to handle.

So, instead, it's all about sitting back, stretching your legs out on the coffee table, brewing a cuppa and hitting "play" on that cheesy reality TV show you're not-so-secretly addicted to.

me time bath face mask
It's all about un-winding and de-stressing. Image: iStock.

Or maybe it's putting on a relaxing playlist of acoustic tunes, popping some oils into a hot bath and giving your body a well-deserved rest after an on-the-go week.

Admittedly, the "me time" trend has been given a bit of a bad rap in the past. But these days, it's less about indulging and more about self-soothing; getting in tune with your body and knowing when you need to stop and take a moment to give yourself a bit of a rest. That way, you're ready for whatever is thrown your way next.

2. Quality time.

Just because you are staying home doesn't mean you have to be alone. Having a night at home with your closest friends can be more rewarding and more meaningful than trying to catch up on their lives over loud bass lines on the dance floor. (And you'll probably save your voice in the process).

girls night in pizza
Who says you have to go out to have fun? Image: iStock.

A casual girls' night in - think cheese platters, chocolate and tea - is the perfect way to reconnect with friends in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Plus technology, like movie, TV and music streaming services and food delivery apps, have given us access all the things we love most about going out, all while in our most comfortable pyjama pants.


3. Practical time.

me time podcast music
That podcast episode you're dying to listen to? Perfect for a night in. Image via iStock.

While nights in were once synonymous with laziness, many are using a night away from the crowds to focus on the things they are truly passionate about.

Whether it be the novel you've always wanted to write, that instrument you've always wanted to learn to play or maybe just the latest novel or podcast episode you're dying to consume, nights in can be used to put the things that make you the happiest at the top of the priority list.

Weekend nights are perfect for zoning out and re-charging by the things that make you smile.

And if what makes you happy just happens to be learning every single move to Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies'? No-one is around to tell you to do otherwise.

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