Parents share the awkward reasons they fired their babysitters.

There’s that old cliche that a family can never hire a good-looking baby sitter for fear one a parent may stray. But for all the stereotypes and generalisations, how close is it to the truth? And is it the only reason some people get fired from their post as a nanny?

It appears that yes, there are remnants of truth from the stereotype and hell no, it’s not the only reason nannies are fired. Parents took to secret-sharing website Whisper to share some of their most interesting experiences.

The ones that weren’t quite… right

“I had a baby sitter who thought she saw Jesus once. She was fired,” one parent wrote about her former nanny.

Another wasn’t so innocent, though, writing that when she found her child was being hit by the nanny, the nanny was all but shown the door.

“Caught the nanny hitting my 23-month-old with a water bottle. Fired her.”

Another detailed how their babysitter’s interesting food choices lost them the job, presto.

“Just found out my kids babysitter gave my 10-month old crushed up hot Cheetos. He’s been crying all night. I only found out because of my five-year-old. Guess who isn’t getting paid and is getting fired,” the wrote.

Um, the nanny?

The ones that don’t understand the job description

And then there are those who don’t quite understand what their job description entails. For example, don’t let the child play with sexual objects around the parents.

“My babysitter blew up a condom like a balloon and gave it to my son to play with. She’s fired,” they wrote.

“Found out my baby sitter is a ‘webcam girl’ in the same house she watches my kids. Yep, you’re fired. $2500 can go to someone else with morals,” another added.

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The ones who ignited jealously

And finally, the nannies who made the parents jealous and therefore got themselves fired.

“My young child called the nanny “mummy” instead of me. I feel bad but I couldn’t handle it,” one said, adding her babysitter was then fired because of it.

“I had to fire my nanny because I saw my husband hitting on her in the nanny cam,” another said.

And then the clincher:

“Came home and found my husband in bed with the babysitter. Fired her and leaving him,” one wrote.

… Eeeeeek!

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