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Why men really ask women to marry them.

You may now kiss the bride.

Only women want to get married. Right? Men just go along with it. Right?


Thanks to Reddit, we now know why the world’s men feel compelled to get down on one knee.

Because someone asked and the world responded, posting a list of reasons why men actually get married.

And their answers are all kinds of lovely and awesome. Mostly. We said, mostly.

So, married men. Why did you do it?

1. Because I don’t want an escape route.

“I personally believe if I get into the kind of long-term relationship that is a “de facto” marriage, with cohabitation, kids, etc. without actual marriage, it’s because I personally am holding back, looking for an easy escape route.”

2. Because I’ll live longer

“There are studies that back this up. Men in relationships often live longer than men not in relationships.”

3. Because everything is better with two. 

“I love travelling with her, exploring new places, meeting new people. Improving myself is easier because I always have someone in my corner. The good things are more exciting and the bad things are more manageable when you don’t have to handle them alone.”

4. Because I was sick of the drama of dating.

“I needed stability, and I knew I was my own worst enemy in that regard. I was sick of the drama of dating, and I knew that I was the problem. I needed to settle down to change who I was into the guy I needed to be to reach my goals, especially my goal of being a father. By raising the stakes of commitment, I forced myself to commit. I stopped screwing around and breaking hearts, became a better person, and got what I wanted.


“It wasn’t an easy adjustment. Initially, I settled on the wrong person, but fortunately we stopped just short of getting engaged. The right person had been there all along, and I was lucky she hadn’t given up on me. We’ve been happy ever since.”

5. Because the sex is better.

“I do alright in the casual world, but honestly there’s no aspect of it that’s better than being in a relationship. Sex? Better in a relationship.”

6. Because I’m so romantic.

“I’m a romantic so to me the symbolic gesture has meaning. I’d like to be able to refer to her as my wife.”

7. Because I love a good party.

“It’s an exciting event. I always like an excuse to party. Once I know I want to be with a woman for life, I want to make a big deal out of it.”

8. Because it made my wife happy. And I want to make her happy.

“Because it made my wife happy, and I love her so much that I’d do anything to make her smile.”

9. Because I’m lazy.

“Saying, ‘my wife’ is shorter than saying, ‘my girlfriend.'”

10. Because. The food.

“Errr, have you seen the size of the buffets they have at weddings?”

What would you add to this list?

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