Want to know The Bachelor's final six? No, neither do we.

Why do people insist on trying to spoil our fun?

While nobody watches The Bachelor because they believe that the woman he chooses will indeed be his one true love, we still don’t want to know how it ends ahead of time.

We want to be aghast at every agonising, cringeworthy moment, every rose denied and every awkward pash on Sam Wood’s definitely real romantic journey of love.

There are currently nine women left in the harem, but certain publications, like kids pawing their presents on Christmas Eve, can’t resist trying to pick a winner.

what is it like to be on the bachelor
Sam Wood and his harem. There are apparently only six left. We won’t say who.

There is an entire cottage industry dedicated to spoiling reality show outcomes, and we’ve had enough.

There is a whole blog by a guy who calls himself Reality Steve. He’s the bane of reality show producers all over the United States with his ability to spoil secrets.

We kind of feel sorry for Reality Steve. Reality Steve just doesn’t get it. Where’s the fun in spoiling the suspense?

Today, the Daily Mail (that link has a great big spoiler alert attached to it, fyi) published photos that indicate who the final six are.

sam wood
Sam Wood HATES spoilers,

The pictures show the six women WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS engaging in some kind of sporting activity with Wood and some children.

This abominable flouting of the reality TV watchers’ code causes real pain.

“You commit to The Bachelor, and you get invested in following the story of these characters,” a Bach diehard tells me.

Bachelor feat
We don’t ever want to know the outcome of one of these before it happens. Is that too much to ask?

“It’s a build up every week to find out who’s going home, and when it’s spoiled it’s so disappointing. It makes you feel like there’s no point in even watching anymore.”

We asked Channel 10 if there is any truth to the Mail‘s story and got a “No comment” in response. That makes us sad, and a little bit suspicious.

But, come on, people, everyone deserves to spend their hard-earned time off engaging in a guilty pleasure, whether it’s reality TV, listening to Abba or licking the cheese off Cheezels and putting them back int the bag.

Don’t let anyone take it away from you.

Do you like to know what’s going to happen in your favourite TV shows?

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