A beauty blogger has shown the damage acrylic nails have done and it's not pretty.

On any given day, beauty blogger Amelia Perrin has nails so well-kept it appears they demand their own groomer, cleaner and personal chauffeur.

A quick glance at her Instagram and you’ll be faced with a litany of carefully curated images, her perfectly cut and painted acrylic nails making my own seem like abandoned children desperate for the kind of attention I usually reserve for my hair.

They look a little like this:

#nailsdid & i feel whole again ????

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new nails who dis

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Pretty nice, eh?

That is until you’re faced with what actually happens – literally- under the surface to create this kind of magic.

Posting on Twitter, Perrin wrote that so many of her followers were curious about the consistently perfect state of her acrylic nails, and she thought it best to clear up a few misconceptions.

“A lot of people on curiouscat ask [sic] me about my acrylics, presumably wanting a set themselves. Sharing these to show u [sic] the reality,” she wrote alongside an image of her broken set of nails.

And as Perrin goes on to explain, they don’t just look painful. They are painful.

“[I] nearly cried in the shower at the hot water touching my nail beds and I’m pretty sure there’s still loads of shampoo left in my hair,” she continued on Twitter.

Talking to Cosmopolitan, Perrin said she has consistently had acrylic nails for nearly six years, and while she usually gets them removed professionally, she decided to rip these ones off herself.

For those playing along at home and as committed to the acrylic nail cause as Perrin is, a broken acrylic nail is expensive, painful and bluntly annoying. However, it’s not always game over as soon as one breaks.

According to Bustle, a cracked acrylic can be fixed with a teabag, some heavy duty glue and a good filer. The teabag cut to size can sit over the crack, and when glued on and filed until even can be the perfect short-term solution until you’re back into the salon. And to avoid the obvious mishap that comes with trying to rip them off yourself.