Terrifyingly realistic sex dolls have arrived, and they're as creepy as they sound.

Remember the days when sex dolls looked like they could double as a pool toy? Well, today’s version is substantially less comical.

These days, Japanese-made artificial companions are so realistic that they look like they could hold you and tell you about their feelings. But they’re just as cold and inanimate as the rest of them.

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The illusion is created by high-quality silicone laid over a flexible, high-strength aluminium and steel alloy frame.

Gone is the classic inflatable version's permanent look of surprise, and its place is taken by smooth, soft-touch skin, plump lips and curled eyelashes.

If you're brave enough to look closely, you'll even spot a set of toenails. Toenails, people!

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In case that isn't enough to set your skin crawling, specialist love doll manufacturer Orient has decided to dress them up in costumes and put them in a museum.

Currently showing at Toyko's Vanilla Gallery, the exhibition uses the dolls to recreate paintings of Japanese women by artist Ikenaga Yasunari. The kinky display is only open to art lovers over the age of 18.

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Should you wish to purchase one for yourself, Orient's primo models will set you back upwards of US$10,000 and can be customised to your taste, from hair colour right down to the pattern of her pubic hair and the shape of her vagina (or "masturbator", as Orient chooses to call it).

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You can even get the movable eyes option, so that they can gaze into yours.