The ‘real’ Taylor Swift was in her new music video and (almost) everyone missed it.

Will the real Taylor Swift please stand up? Oh wait… she… she… might have.

When T-Swift released the video for Look What You Made Me Do On Monday, die-hard fans and nosy folks all around the world were quick to analyse it, pouring over every potential swipe at her enemies.

But in all the gleeful over-analysis we may have missed the most important part.

It’s possible, very possible, the real Taylor Swift made a cameo appearance in the last 45 seconds of the video.

In the final 30 seconds of the film clip all 14 iterations of Taylor are lined up in front of a private plane. As they bicker and swap the iconic insults that have been thrown at T-Swift in the past, there’s another Taylor just sneakily standing behind them on the wing of the plane.

real taylor swift
Oh hey there, Tay Tay. Image via YouTube.

She's wearing a head-to-toe floral outfit and a matching headband, which is not a look we've seen Taylor in ever before.

While all the younger versions of Taylor fight among themselves - that Taylor stands alone, her hand placed on her hip.

Taylor 15.0 - possibly the real Tay Tay - was introduced about 15 seconds earlier when she started spray painting the word 'reputation' on the plane.

And this might be the real message behind Look What You Made Me Do, while her enemies and critics may be able to attack her different personas, they can never actually get to the real Taylor Swift because we haven't even met her yet.


The real real Taylor (yep, we're confused too) has liked a few Tumblr posts about this theory, so we're pretty sure we're onto something here.

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