'Real life Ken Doll' may lose nose after his body rejected latest surgery.

A man who spent over half a million dollars on plastic surgery that saw him dubbed a “real life Ken doll” has revealed he is suffering from necrosis after his body rejected his latest surgical procedure.

Rodrigo Alves, 32, is a London-based air steward who has accumulated a huge social media following for the 42 surgeries.

Necrosis is the premature death of body tissue due to a lack of blood supply. When a significant area is affected, it is referred to as gangrene.

Alves spoke to the Sun about his condition whilst receiving treatment in Malaga, Spain.

“I had nose reconstruction three months ago and it appears the new cartilage has been rejected by my body.” Alves said.

Source: Instagram.

Alves is desperate to return to England in order to receive medical treatment in London.

“My breathing has been getting worse for the last three days and now my nose is completely blocked." He said.

Alves has also described how the infection has eaten through the flesh of his nostril.

“A horrible hole has appeared in my nostril and the infection is eating my nose and I’ve been warned if it is not stopped it could eat into my face. It’s very hot and dusty here and I wonder whether this might have set the infection off.” Alves said.

Alves before surgeries (r) and after surgeries (l). Source: Instagram.

Speaking to The Mirror, Alves has previously said that while he didn’t intend to look like a Ken doll originally, it has become a tag he can’t shake.

“I never set out to look like Ken. But people have increasingly ­commented on how similar we are,” he said.

Alves is currently receiving hour-long doses of antibiotics via intravenous drips every eight hours.

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