The thing you never wanted to know about Ray Martin. Warning: it involves the sex.

There are some people you never want to imagine having sex.

Parents. Siblings. And Ray Martin.

No offence to Ray – he is a TV legend. It’s just that him being broadcast on our home TVs since the late 70s puts him somewhere up on the same level in our minds as our grandparents.

But the 70-year-old veteran journalist blew our minds tonight, admitting on live TV that he has had sex on a plane.


Following a segment about annoying plane passenger behaviour, his fellow guest co-host on The Project, comedian Tom Ballard asked: “Are you a member of the mile high club, Ray Martin?”

“Five times,” he proudly responded. (Not that he’s counting, or anything.)

But the dirty confession was too much for Carrie Bickmore.

“Some things hurt my ears a bit. It’s Ray Martin. I can’t cope,” she said.

We hear you, sister.

Let’s all just let out a communal ewwwwww and move on…

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