The world isn't terrible. These stories of random acts of kindness from strangers prove it.

If you’re having a rough day, get ready to have your faith in humanity restored. A viral Twitter thread has seen thousands of people share heartwarming tales of how a random act of kindness saved them.

The thread began when Canadian writer Nicole Cliffe asked her followers: “What is the kindest thing a stranger has done or said to you?”

Cliffe shared her own story of being rescued in her hour of need by an airline attendant.

“One baby of mine used to get airsick. The first time it happened, we were just leaving the gate and there was puke all over my pants and the seat cushion, so they had to BRING THE PLANE BACK to replace the seat and seatbelt and everyone hated me,” she wrote.

“I was standing, covered in puke, holding my now only diaper-clad baby and trying not to cry while business travellers glared at me.

“Then a flight attendant took my baby and gave me a pair of yoga pants from her carry-on. I firmly believe that she will go to heaven no matter what she may do in the rest of her life.”

Cliffe’s followers loved the story, and responded with their own tales of when strangers became their heroes.

Twitter user @AmNowIncognito detailed the people who helped her conceive her baby – on one very challenging day.

“Had 1 day to start IVF with no warning due to aggressive cancer diagnosis. Private cost $10,000,” she tweeted. Thankfully, her doctor intervened and she was able to get into a public hospital that day.

“Nurses all stayed late to get my treatment underway. Cost: basically free. Got two eggs and 3.5 years later had my baby daughter.”


Amanda Deibert shared a touching story from her childhood, when she got a much-needed hug from a stranger.

“When I was a little girl my mum was taken suddenly to the emergency room and I was left outside in the van to watch my sleeping little sisters. I had the windows rolled down… and I was sitting alone crying.”

That’s when a woman standing nearby saw her.

“She called me over and gave me a hug, and talked to me about my mum, and told me she was worried about someone too.

“In retrospect, I broke every don’t talk to stranger rule, but… I needed the hug.”

User @LaniAlai shared the story of being rescued during a time of high parental desperation.

“Years ago, I had to go into the city on one of those days where the kids were crying and clingy,” she tweeted.

“As l was paying for parking, l realised that I had no money and the credit card wasn’t working. Just as I was dreading loading everyone back in the car, a lady came and paid for me.”


Eric Umansky tweeted that he had never forgotten the restaurant owner he met soon after his mother died.

“My mother had just died after a brutal fight with cancer. I eventually wandered into a Mexican diner. I had delicious green chilaquiles, and then realised I didn’t have my wallet,” he said.

Luckily, “the owner [said] not to worry. It was exactly what my mum would have done.”

User @tempurstick shared the story of how he and his cousin were rescued at sea when they were children.

“I was drifting off onto the ocean with my cousin on a rubber raft when I was like 12,” he said.

“We both didn’t know how to row, so we were panicking and crying. Then, some teenager on a surfboat paddled towards us and continuously pushed our raft towards the beach, to safety.”


Some of Cliffe’s followers also recalled times they’d been complimented by strangers – such as one woman who was told she “looks like an angel.” Another person in the thread talked about the time she was fed grapes by a woman after she’d fainted.

Many people noted that although the acts they’d experienced were seemingly small moments, the memories had stayed with them.

Don’t you just love the kindness of strangers?

Have you experienced a random act of kindness? Tell us in the comments below.

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