Is this the nicest thing someone could do for a grieving mum?

When he found out what the crib meant to her, this man did something extraordinary.

For the entire pregnancy the baby was healthy. But in the last week, Valarie Watts knew something was wrong. As it turned out, the umbilical cord pinched and her little boy Noah was stillborn last July.

With a broken heart, she couldn't let go of Noah's crib.

In a recent garden sale, Gerald Kumpala came across the crib. While it wasn't for sale, Watts decided to part with it and sold it to Kumpala, who enjoyed transforming items into benches.

Later that day, Kumpula's wife dropped by the garage sale and upon looking at the baby clothes for sale, she asked Watts about her son. She found out that he passed away last July and went home to tell her husband. What they did next makes this story remarkable.

Unknown to Watts, Kumpula turned the crib into a bench-chair and gave it to her a week after the garage sale.

Of the surprise, Watts said, "I started crying instantly. It's amazing. It's proof that there are good people out there."

Watch the video below to hear the whole beautiful story (grab some tissues before hand)...

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