A $60 raincoat, game-changing umbrella and 7 other wet weather finds you won't regret buying.

Before La Niña, I never really 'prepared' for the rain. If I had an umbrella I'd use it, otherwise I'd throw my jacket over my head, run from A to B and hope for the best. 

These past few months have changed that.

Thanks to the never-ending rain in Sydney, I've been searching high and low for proper wet weather gear that's practical and stylish. I'm talkin' umbrellas that don't flip inside out from a gust of wind! And a cute raincoat to match.

Are you the person who's always cold in the office? This video is for you.

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Whether you're dealing with La Niña or just preparing for some rainy days ahead, here are my nine wet weather recommendations.

Because everyone deserves to get to work with dry clothes and frizz-free hair.

Uniqlo Women Oversized Parka, $59.90.

Image: Uniqlo/Mamamia.  

Uniqlo is known for its great quality affordable pieces, and this waterproof parka with its oversized fit is no exception. I've personally worn it almost every day since I got it and can attest to how good of a purchase it is.


Not only does it look cool thanks to the boxy, shell fit but also properly protects you from the rain. Plus, it has a hood (which is very important) and comes in five colours. $60 well spent.

Kmart Rain Coat, $30.

Image: Kmart/Mamamia.  

This raincoat from Kmart is another winning option if you're into something more colourful than plain, old black. It comes in a sage green and salmon pink, ranges from size six to 20 and won't set you back too much.

Blunt Metro Umbrella, $119.

Image: Blunt/Mamamia.  


Have you come across this umbrella before? There's a good chance you've seen it, looked at the price and reconsidered. I was the same. But let me tell you why it's actually worth it:

After owning the usual cheapy umbrellas which always flip inside out, I recently gave in and got my hands on this investment option. The brand claims to make the strongest, most aerodynamic and protective umbrella on the market.

And they've convinced me. This umbrella shields me from both the rain and wind and has not once flipped inside out. (I now feel very smug as I walk past people who's umbrellas do.)

Oroton Bamboo Small Umbrella, $69.95.

Image: Oroton/Mamamia.  

For something a little more farshun, Australian fashion brand Oroton has been making stylish umbrellas for years. They come four colours, feature their printed logo and a fancy bamboo handle. 

(Hint: Mother's Day is coming up...)

Marks and Spencer Cotton Blend Belted Trench Coat, $97.50.

Image: Marks & Spencer/Mamamia.  


I've raved about this trench coat before, various times. Not only because it's a classic wardrobe staple but also because it's 100 per cent waterproof. Yep.

The single-breasted trench features a flattering waist belt, buttoned pockets and is treated with Marks and Spencer's water repellent Stormwear™ technology, stylishly shielding you whenever it rains. 

It ranges from size six to 24 and currently comes in three colours - navy, dusty pink and blue. It also comes in a double-breasted version too, but that often sells out. Fast.

Rains Long Jacket, $180.

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.  

If you want to invest in a practical but also stylish raincoat for 2022 and beyond, this is my top pick.


Not only is the coat long enough to cover most of your body, but the shiny black material also just looks cool. 

Pair it with some jeans, black boots and a white tee, and you've got a stylish look that also protects you from the rain. Big win.

Jess Johnson x Gorman Sycorax Raincoat, $99.

Image: Gorman/Mamamia.  

And if you're looking for something a little more fun, I can't go past Gorman's raincoats. 

They come out with new patterns every season (there are some still available and discounted from last year) and this one in collaboration with New Zealand artist Jess Johnson is guaranteed to make you happy when the weather won't.

Rubi Storm Rain Boot, $59.99.

Image: Rubi/Mamamia.  


There's nothing worse than stepping in a puddle on your way to work/lunch/wherever. It leaves you with wet feet or socks and those are two feelings nobody likes. 

I'm going to save my nice winter boots for dry days and get my hands on some proper rain boots. These from Rubi are cool, chunky and will do just the trick.

Hunter Original Tall Women's Wellington Boots, $169.66.

Image: Country Attire/Mamamia.  For more of an investment gumboot option, you can't go past Hunter wellies. The classic gumboots are loved by countless celebs and are solid investment pieces.

You'll bring them out every winter and they'll never date. Plus, with the return of riding boots as a trendy winter footwear style in 2022, they'll prove extra popular this year.

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