Rainbow food is everywhere. Alert your inner-child.

If you go by the assumption that the better your food looks, the better it tastes, we’ve found the best feeds in town.

Far from being a figment of your imagination (or childhood), the rainbow food trend is very real and very rapidly taking over your Instagram feed.

From bagels to pizza and even coffee, you can now literally taste the rainbow, to steal a line from our friends at Skittles.

(Watch: Food to make your stomach happy – Dani Venn shows you how to make ice cream sandwiches. Post continues after video.)

Case in point: Brooklyn’s The Bagel Store reports customers are waiting for over four hours to get their hands on one of their instafamous rainbow bagels.


  Madness… or genius?

According to experts, the reason we’re all so keen to jump on the bandwagon is the good feelings we get when we see rainbow and colour.

“Everybody has a pleasant feeling associated with a rainbow. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s kind of a fun thing to put it into a food format, and just play with it,” Beth Somers, director of creative content for Wilton Brands, a manufacturer of cake decorating supplies and ingredients recently told The Washington Post.

The best part? It doesn’t take a whole lot of skill to get involved in your own kitchen if the often US based retailers are out of reach – all you need is a spark of imagination and a whole heap of food colouring. Here’s some more inspiration to get you started:

Natural, raw and paleo it is not – but delicious? You bet.

Are you fan of the rainbow food trend?

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