Rae Morris has a very clever use for dry shampoo - and it has nothing to do with your hair.

Image: Marla Morri/Flickr.

Dry shampoo is the ultimate beauty bag life buoy, offering a quick, easy fix for the ol’ day three oil slick and lank, limp bed head. But if you ask makeup artist to the stars Rae Morris, Priceline Makeup Director there’s an even better use for it that’s got nothing to do with your hair.

“When you’ve got sweaty shoes or oily shoes or just shoes that don’t let your feet breathe and they get wet – dry shampoo keeps everything dry. It’s like deodorant in your shoes,” she says.

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“Actually, deodorant’s what we used to use, but dry shampoo’s even better. It just cleans them and they feel so dry and your feet don’t sweat… it’s like baby powder, but the problem with baby powder is you walk around and get these big white explosions.”

Rae’s best anti-ageing makeup tips.

1. Make your lip shape smaller

That sounds a bit counter-productive, but Rae says creating a slightly different shape with your lipstick can draw attention away from the lines that appear at the corners of our lips as we get older and our bottom lip gets heavier.

“To make a lip youthful you make it smaller; when I say smaller, you don’t go all the way to the corner … so you actually bring the corner in and the [bottom] corner up,” she explains.

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“I always tell women, if they’re not sure to put their brightest lipstick on, stand in front of the mirror, take 10 steps back and look at the shape. Is it youthful? You’re bringing so much attention to your mouth from a distance, so if your lips look old they now look old from a distance.”

2. Follow the lead of a similar-looking celebrity

“My best advice for women is this: whatever age you are, find a woman who walks the red carpet who’s the same age, hair and eye colouring as you, and follow their lead. Ask yourself, would Helen Mirren walk down in frosty green eyeshadow and a brown peachy glittery lip with blush?,” Rae says. (Post continues after gallery.)

“Even Angelina Jolie has two looks and that’s it. You don’t have to go all crazy, just be timeless. Matte is your key when you get older.”

3. Go deep and dark

Rae recommends moving into deeper, richer colours, because light, bright pastel shades can look a little “eighties Spice Girl”.

“If you want bright green, choose a deep emerald green. I’ve got a client who loves bright pink and I say, ‘Wear bright pink shoes’. Keep it away from your face if it doesn’t suit,” she says.

Take your cue from your A-list doppelganger. (Image: Getty)

"Matte grey is one of the most anti-ageing colours, that's why violet works as well. When you photograph matte grey or black [eyeshadow], a camera lens can't penetrate through it. Cyndi Lauper taught me this trick."

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4. Choose matte over metallics

Yes, shimmery and glittery shades look pretty under the lights of the supermarket/pharmacy/makeup store, but Rae says matte is a better option if you want to draw attention away from any lines or wrinkles around your eyes and lips.

"Shimmer will always enhance a wrinkle... if you've got an eyeshadow and you're not sure, draw a line on the back of your hand. If you can now see every wrinkle on that part of your hand, that's what's happening to your eyes," she says. Same goes with your lipstick. (Post continues after gallery.)

 5. Keep your blush high

"Your cheek is an indicator of your age... our cheeks drop as we get older, so if you put your blush lower than your natural contour line, you just made yourself look older," Rae says.

"Imagine a line from the edge of your lip to the top of your ear; blush goes above it."

Rae Morris knows her stuff.

As for that old 'smile then put on your blush' trick, Rae says to scrap it because when you smile, apply blush then relax your face, it can sink in to your wrinkles, resulting in 'cut lines'.

6. Eyeliner beneath your eye adds lift

Here's an interesting one: the way to create 'lift' around your eyes comes down to what you do beneath your eye. So, as you get older and the skin around your eyes softens, you can lift everything up with some bottom-lid eyeliner.

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"Never stop your eyes where they meet. The trick is look straight ahead, get the lift or the angle you want [with your eyeliner beneath the eye], and you simply join the top [line] to the bottom," Rae says.

Otherwise, she advises putting no eye makeup at all on the bottom lash line.

What's your favourite makeup trick?