Andrew went to open his gelato store in Melbourne on Monday, when he found a 'foul' note.

A Melbourne gelato store owner was horrified to find a foul, racist note slipped under the door of his Cheltenham shop when he opened up on Monday.

The note, which included a disgusting racial slur, read: “Asian Gelato. No way, go back to where you came from slopeheads.”

Paradise Gelato owner Andrew later told 3AW that he realised the “racist coward” was referring to his fiance Joyce, who is of Southeast Asian descent, and another worker at the store.

He decided rather than suffer the attack, he would shame the awful human being who wrote it on Facebook.

The despicable note Andrew and Joyce received. Image: Facebook

"This morning we received our very first love letter from a racist coward," he wrote on the Paradise Gelato Facebook page.

"School yourself before you drop off a note like this in our shop! The Asians who work here, one of them is a volunteer teaching assistant who wants to teach English in Japan and the other speaks 7 languages and can communicate with 70% of the world. What have you done with your life?


"If it offends you so much, kindly don’t come in, it’s as simple as that. No need to spread hate!"

Thankfully Andrew and Joyce were quickly reminded that not all Melburnians are terrible people, receiving dozens of messages of support, and even a bunch of flowers.

"We do appreciate all the comments and love we’ve received from the community today," Joyce wrote on Facebook. "As we’ve said before, we love Cheltenham and we’re not going anywhere, especially not on the back of that!"

Andrew told 3AW he was "overwhelmed" by the love they received.

"We never really expected the response we got," he said.

"We’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the love and support we’ve got from the community."

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