Finally! Your iPhone is about to get 755 new racially diverse emojis.

Emojis, those colourful little characters you use to liven up you text message life, are getting a make over.

At the moment there are 59 different food emojis, and yet  – as any emotional texter has probably realised – there remains  a distinct lack of diversity in other areas.

 White, they’re all white.

Developer Unicode has noticed as well and announced 755 new racially diverse Emojis to be released next year:

“People all over the world want to have emoji that reflect more human diversity, especially for skin tone. The Unicode emoji characters for people and body parts are meant to be generic, yet following the precedents set by the original Japanese carrier images, they are often shown with a light skin tone instead of a more generic (inhuman) appearance, such as a yellow/orange colour or a silhouette.”

Finally, a more representative way to Express Yourself.