Rachel McAdams' watches her Notebook audition tape and cringes. Hard.

5 million people have watched Rachel McAdams’ audition tape for The Notebook on youtube.

It went viral a few months ago because it’s so goddamn delightful. Watching it, you simply cannot imagine anyone else in the world in that role. She’s perfection.

But, it turns out Rachel McAdams herself is the only person who hadn’t seen it.

Until she stopped by a breakfast TV program in the U.S to promote her new film A Most Wanted Man, that is.

The 25-year-old actress got a surprise viewing of the 12-year-old clip on live TV… Which, as we all know, is the ideal place for celebrities to be forced to watch old footage of themselves auditioning for things before they got famous.

Here, you can watch Rachel watching Rachel. You can even cringe at Rachel watching Rachel and cringing.



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