Rachael Finch shares a picture with her daughter. The comments are disgusting.

It’s not okay.

Australian model and mum Rachael Finch, 26, took to Instagram to share an adorable photo with her baby daughter, Violet.

I want you to look at it closely and take note of the words that come to mind when you look at it.

Rachael Finch with her daughter Violet.

The words that come to my mind are happiness, fun and family.

What were yours?

Because I can say with near certainly that they don't include the words 'boner' or 'bang you like a drum'.

Except that's exactly what Finch got. Disgusting comments from complete strangers, who also happen to be men.

Finch has been happily married to Michael Miziner, her former Dancing With The Stars partner, since 2013. Finch and Minziner share their daughter Violet.

The former Miss Universe Australia also has a successful career as a model, health coach, television and radio commenter and Myer Ambassador.

So why is it that the first thing that these particular commenters see is a piece of meat?

Not a wife. Not a mum. Not a professional. Not a human being. But someone to be gawked at and drooled over.

What bothered me even more is that on discussion of the picture with some people in the office, while some were saddened by the comments, it was brushed off as 'something that just happens'.

You might happen to agree. You might argue "but she chose to put that photo on Instagram" or "she's a model, she'd get that all the time". But at the end of the day it's just not okay. It's not okay for Finch and it's not okay for any other female in her position.

Because social media shouldn't be a place for making derogatory comments towards women, whether they're famous or not.

What did you think of when you saw Rachael's photo?

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