Rachael Finch looked for one specific thing when picking a school for her daughter Violet.

This week, media personality, model and mum-of-two Rachael Finch sent her first-born daughter, Violet, 5, to school – but not just any school.

Speaking to Mamamia, the 30-year-old explained that she and her husband, Michael Miziner, (whom Finch affectionally calls Mischa), had one criteria for the school they chose for her daughter: that it offered Russian as a second language.

“Mischa was born in the Ukraine and moved to Australia when he was nine,” the former Miss Universe Australia explained, adding that his native tongue is Russian.

“With Mischa’s parents and the Russian community around us, we feel it’s really important our kids know their heritage.”

For that reason, Violet is bilingual, as she is fluent in speaking both Russian and English.

“It’s really amazing that Violet has both languages,” Finch said. “My Russian is so-so, and I can understand more than I am able to speak it – although I’m working on it. And yes that probably means Misch and Violet will be able to speak in code to each other one day.”

“Having a second language is definitely a skill for life, and so ensuring Violet has the chance to advance that skill at school is important.”

On Wednesday, Finch posted a happy photo of her daughter on her first day of school.

The couple, who met on Dancing with the Stars and married in 2013, also have a two-year-old son, Dominic.

“He’s definitely going to miss his sister at home,” Finch anticipated. “As kids, they’re very different to each other. Violet can be focussed, but Dominic loves to run around, then have a big feed, then a big sleep.”

Finch explained she’s had lots of signs her daughter is ready to dive into school. “The other day, Violet asked me, ‘How do you spell leave your shoes at the door?’,” Finch said.

“She’s so observant, she notices everything around her and what’s happening. She wants to read and write all the time. She wants to know how to read the time.”

Finch added that as a mother, she know her daughter is at the right stage to begin school. “I feel really good, I’m confident that she’s ready for this new journey,” she said.

Finch said that’s her advice to any parent wondering if their child is the right age for kindergarten, adding, “You know your kid the best, so listen to your gut.”

Thanks to her enthusiasm to communicate, Violet has some basic writing skills, and can read simple words. Finch credits the ABC Reading Eggs App, which helps children sound out words, and put them together, with advancing Violet’s interest in recent months.

“We only started with the ABC Reading Eggs program about 12 weeks ago,” Finch said. “Violet loves it. She thinks it’s a game, but it’s also satisfying her because she wants to learn more.”

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