How to tick good-eating off your To-Do list.



Life is busy.

You work, exercise, organise, socialise, eat and (if you’re lucky) sleep. When you get home at the end of every day you have ALL the plans to tick things off your to do list. But most days you walk through the door and collapse in a heap of exhaustion. (Or is that just me?)

During the week I work fulltime, I play in two netball competitions, I commit to a trivia team each Monday and I try to fit in time to catch up with friends and family plus keep the house in some sort of liveable state.

I’m a busy, time poor person who also happens to like delicious food on the table – fast.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this is an advertorial for dish’d.

But this can be hard, especially when you’re so insanely busy. (And I haven’t even thrown kids in the mix yet).

“For my first order I opted for top quality steak.”

After all the working, organising, socialising and errands are done the last thing I can fathom when I get home is cooking. But I don’t want to get takeaway every night, and I haven’t regarded two-minute noodles or a bowl of cereal as ‘dinner’ since I graduated from uni.

It didn’t seem right, though, to be punished for being so busy when it came to food options. Some weeks I don’t even have time to go to the grocery store, so I have no choice but to call in pizza.

It seemed like a lost cause, until recently when I discovered an online food store called dish’d. My food dilemma was sorted.

I got a voucher to trial the online eatery and was pleasantly surprised. Firstly I was amazed by the selection they had on offer and how easy it was to find exactly what I was looking for.

Just one of the desserts (Black Pearls).

The online experience was simple. The menus are set out in an easy-to-follow structure so you can navigate to whichever food category you are looking for – from meat and poultry to seafood, to rice and grains and fruit and smoothies. For the really time poor (or non cooking types) you can choose from frozen finger food to entrees and single frozen meals. Plus they have a huge selection of restaurant quality desserts.


For my first order I opted for top quality steak, marinated scallops and sautéed mushrooms plus some delicious desserts.

Ordering the food was easy, with the option of next day delivery. I popped in all my delivery details and then I was done. They contacted me to give me a tracking number so I knew where my food was, and they sent me a text message to let me know once it had been delivered.

Marinated scallops.

It came in a cool box with dry ice so everything stayed perfectly frozen until I came home and put it in the freezer. The rest of the week I ate like a king. All I needed to do was cook it up and enjoy. And boy, did I enjoy – the food was actually amazing. Mouth-watering, in fact. I made a tasty, restaurant-quality scallop and mushroom stir-fry one night, which took me all of 10 minutes to make AND with minimal washing up required. And don’t get me started on the desserts – I have a major sweet tooth, and these were just heaven.

Life has changed.

Now I can do my grocery shopping from home and have delicious meal options to get me through the week, ready and waiting. I’m also excited to do some entertaining with it – it’s too good not to share.

At least now I can tick good eating off my to-do list and get on with the rest of my crazy-busy life.

What do you eat when you’re time poor?


dish’d is an online Food Store delivering to metro Melbourne and Sydney with almost two hundred delicious frozen dishes, sourced from around the world. Order today and have it delivered to your door tomorrow. dish’d – delicious food, ready when you are. 

Watch the dish’d Taste of Melbourne Video.

dish’d is only available in metro VIC & NSW