We’ve found a quick, delicious lunch-time solution for busy women everywhere.

Weight Watchers Frozen Meals
Thanks to our brand partner, Weight Watchers Frozen Meals

It’s that time of the day again – lunch time. It’s a special time, a blessed time when you get a break from the hustles and bustles of the workplace to nourish and rejuvenate oneself.

The only problem is, it can often be a trying time, plagued with an almost unanswerable question: what the heck do I want to eat for lunch today?

This question becomes exponentially more difficult to answer if you’re trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. The quick options available aren’t always the healthiest, but who wants to spend extra time the night before meal prepping?

We’ve found you a product that can do both. Introducing Weight Watchers’ new snap-frozen meals, the perfect solution to avoiding lunchtime planning dilemmas and giving you back more ‘you-time.’ What more could a woman want?

What are your favourite healthy lunches?

Weight Watchers frozen meals are created with culinary experts & approved by nutritionists, with three delicious ranges to choose from.
Our Light Range consists of conveniently sized meals that fit easily into your busy day.
Our Classic Range consists of all time favourites that comfort & delight.
Our Gourmet Range is made with inspiring ingredients and modern flavours to create something special for you to enjoy every day.
Each recipe is a perfect combination of wholesome & nutritious ingredients, flavour & balance – so you have the freedom to simply live well. Try the Weight Watchers Range today.