The four major questions the finale of 13 Reasons Why left us with.

When I (finally) reached the end of 13 Reasons Why, I had two overwhelming reactions:

  1. Oh my God.
  2. Wait… what?

The finale raised more questions than it answered, and ever since I finished the show, I’ve been searching for answers.

Here are the four major questions the final episode of 13 Reasons Why left us with:

Did Alex actually attempt suicide?

In episode 13, Mr Porter has just started listening to Hannah’s tapes when Principal Bolan walks in and announces that Alex Standall has shot himself in the head and is in critical condition.

But we’re not entirely sure this is what happened.

The biggest piece of evidence to the contrary is Tyler – the photographer who was shown looking at a case full of guns just a few scenes prior.

In his dark room, he’s then shown looking at photos of several different students at school, and removing the one of Alex. Does this mean he wants to shoot him? Is this just a coincidence? Are Tyler’s guns a red herring?

On the contrary, the scene with Alex cleaning his room could be a sign he was planning to attempt suicide, given this is what Hannah did before she died.

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Who picked up Alex’s phone?

In the final scenes of the series, Zach tries to call Alex several times while playing basketball. The last time he calls, someone answers. A male voice.

Is it Alex?

If so, did Alex tell Zach what he was planning to do?

Was it a policeman? Or Alex’s father?

Why are the deposition tapes dated November 2017?

When the students are deposed, you might notice that the date on the tapes reads ‘November 2017’.

This is a strange detail. Most of us would assume the show was happening in real time. But a clever theory, spotted by Movie Plotclaims the deposition is set in the future so we know that most of the events in Hannah’s tapes, and ultimately, her suicide, haven’t happened yet. 

Notice the date? Image via Netflix.

"The biggest, most important takeaway from knowing this is that Hannah is still here," writes Bridget Serdock for Movie Plot

"We still have the chance to help her and prevent this from happening. We can still save Hannah. There is still time."

A tumblr user shared a similar theory:

Why did Hannah choose to give the tapes to Tony? 

Tony's relationship to Hannah, and to her mother, Olivia, is never explained. How did he come to help the family? Why did Hannah choose Tony to hold the others accountable for listening to the tapes? Why not Clay?

Is there another secret we don't know yet? Did he have a special connection with the family?