6 queer-owned Aussie labels that know what you want to wear this winter.

Fashion is typically created by designers who’re inspired by the world —  and the people — around them. 

And for a lot of them, it’s been the queer community that has provided that inspiration! 

The LGBTQIA+ community, particularly queer people of colour, are some of the original trendsetters. 

So given it’s Pride Month, it feels right to showcase some of our home-grown queer designers who are creating beautiful pieces you'll want to wear this year. 

Watch: Jessica Vander Leahy speak on Australian fashion and body diversity. Post continues below. 

Video via Instagram. 

We have a tonne of talent here on Aussie shores, so I've compiled a list of the best local queer labels to shop (and that I'm personally obsessed with!) 

Gary Bigeni.

Image: Bigeni. 


First off, we have one of my personal favourites. Bigeni has been designing his clothes (read: art) for a little over two decades. He continuously pushes the limits of fashion and champions individual expression through his custom made-to-order collections. 

Each garment is an original design and is hand painted by Gary directly onto sustainably and ethically sourced eco-cotton. We adore a sustainable king! I’ve been lucky enough to wear Gary’s pieces on a couple of occasions and the compliments I receive are endless. 

Yes, his pieces are on the pricier side however, it’s an investment as you’re truly paying for wearable art. 

Sizes 6-20. 


Double Rainbouu.


Founded by Mikey Nolan and Toby Jones in 2016, the duo had previously founded the iconic Aussie label Ksubi which closed its door in 2012 — then Double Rainbouu was born. 

They say that this brand was created for the “beach baes and pool punks”, and in my opinion, everyone in-between. Their designs are colourful, fun and unique which would only add fabulousness to any wardrobe. (And they're having a good sale right now)  

Sizing: XXS - XXXL. 

Erik Yvon.

Image: Instagram/Erik Yvon.


Erik is a queer fashion designer based in Melbourne who draws inspiration from his origins in Mauritius to create trans-seasonal pieces. 

He creates effortless joy within his pieces and it’s hard not to smile and admire anyone who wears them. 

Sizing: S - XXL. 


Image; Nicol and Ford. 


Nicol and Ford is the ethereal brainchild of Kate Louise and Lil Nicol-Ford and they’re one of the finest designer duos to have come out of Australia (I know, it’s a huge thing to say but bear with me). 

Nicol and Ford celebrate all bodies, ethnicities and genders as opposed to exclude them, which is why I've fallen in love with their clothing. 

Sizing: 6 - 20. 


Image: Kourh.


Kourh (pronounced KOOR), is a fairly new brand that was founded in 2021 by Tarek Kourhani, who had a successful career designing for industry greats until he decided it was time to inject his personal flair and love into his own creation. 

Kourh is built on three pillars; functionality, sensuality and humour, blending the line of high fashion and campness. 

I’ve had my eye on a few of his pieces which have been seen on the likes of Australian icons Kylie Minogue and Pip Edwards. 

Kourh is queer excellence and if you go to his website, there is quite the generous sale happening as we speak! You can thank me later. 

Sizing: XS - XXL. 

Alix Higgins. 

Image: Alix Higgins. 


Alix launched his brand in 2021. A self-proclaimed “tumblr kid” who went to high school in the Shire in NSW, Alix began building a community online as there wasn’t necessarily one for him at home.

His designs tend to display words or poetry that he encourages the wearer of his clothes to interpret themselves. 

He built his reputation with figure hugging silhouettes and has since diverted to knits, jerseys and sweaters (perfect for winter). 

Alix’s clothes are on the pricier side but again, when I purchase my first Alix Higgin’s piece, I will feel like it is an investment not only for myself but investing in exciting queer Australian talent.

Feature Image: Canva.

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