Two weeks after they broke up, Queer Eye's Tom Jackson got engaged to his true love, Abby.

It’s been a rough journey but Queer Eye’s Tom Jackson and his on-again-off-again ex-wife, Abby are engaged.

*A round of redneck margaritas please*

The lovable cap-wearing, self-proclaimed redneck agreed to a makeover from the Fab Five in hopes of re-igniting the flame between him and Abby, and their story melted out hearts.

“I love Abby more than anything. I want to spend the rest of my life with her,” said Tom on the first episode.

Ohhhh no. Just because we can’t have nice things, the Mamamia Out Loud team discuss whether the new Queer Eye is problematic. Post continues after audio.

However, while they left the show gushing and in love, it’s been a roller coaster that saw them break up and get ENGAGED in a span of two weeks.

I mean, just follow this rollercoaster Twitter journey, and try not to feel the things. JUST TRY.



Announcing their happy news over Twitter, Tom even tried to hustle a free wedding planner from the good Queer Eye people – as you would if you had the Fab Five at your feet.

“What a Netflix special the would be. If the Fab 5 planned and attended our wedding!!!!!!!!!” he wrote.

And if that doesn’t sound like a Queer Eye episode that would make you bawl your eyes out, again and again, then you are not worthy of this earth or the convenience and wonders of Internet streaming.

Head honchos of Netflix, you know what you must do.

So mix that Mountain Dew and tequila in a red, plastic cup, and toast your redneck magarita to the happy couple.

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