You guys, Queer Eye's Tom got married to Abby. And yes, we're definitely crying.

In the premiere episode of the Netflix reboot Queer Eye, we met and awww-ed at Tom Jackson.

He was a bearded American from Georgia, who went to the same Mexican restaurant in town every night to have margaritas (made with Mountain Dew and whiskey, might I add), and came home to indulge in his favourite activity of smoking and watching TV through the door.

His transformation in the show was leading up to the day he was planning to take his beloved ex-wife Abby to his car show. It was totally a date, and it seemed like love was on the cards again.

Until… Tom announced on Twitter they had split shortly after the show aired. And with that, he broke our goddamn hearts.

But as quick as it was over, it was back on, and now, Tom and Abby are officially remarried.




Because he knows he’s gotta keep us in the loop, Tom confirmed the happy news on Twitter that the pair did indeed tie the knot in a private ceremony in Tennessee on March 27. They then honeymooned in the mountain town of Gatlinburg.

Now, Tom just can’t stop gushing about it. And to be honest, neither can we.


“The best part of the day was during the ceremony as we stood before the minister, both of us excited and happy to be recommitting ourselves to each other in marriage,” the couple told Us Weekly.


The fab five, AKA Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France and Karamo Brown, unfortunately didn’t attend the secretive ceremony. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a part of them there on the day, with the 58-year-old groom wearing a black tailored-to-him suit that was part of his wardrobe makeover on Queer Eye, as well as a shirt gifted to him by Tan himself.

This is hereby the end of our roller coaster of emotions for this love story.

Cheers to you, Tom and Abby, drink all the Mountain Dew margaritas you desire.

Over and (still crying) out.

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