Trina Hibberd woke to a 30 kilogram python and started filming it. Naturally.

You know that feeling when you wake up in the early hours of the morning, tired and bleary eyed, only to find a five metre python lurking in your house?

Yes, well, that’s what happened to Queensland woman Trina Hibberd on Monday morning.

The woman from Mission Beach woke at 4.30am to find the 30kg snake draped through her hallway and guest bedroom. So she did what any normal person would do when faced with a predator she affectionately refers to as a “kangaroo killer”. She filmed it, and uploaded the footage of her new friend to Facebook.

Trina's slithery friend. Image via Facebook.

In the video she can be heard saying, "Okay, we've got a visitor! And it's f**king huge."

F**king huge indeed, Trina.

In case you didn't fully understand the sheer size of the python, she repeats, "It. Is. Massive. Oh God. Oh Jeez. Right."

But I would argue that the best thing about the video is that Trina named the python occupying her guest room. Can you guess what she named him?


Like Monty Python. Get it? GET IT?!

While it's nice she warmed towards her new friend, Trina obviously needed the help of a snake catcher to sort out her, erm, situation. Enter David Goodwin, who arrived almost immediately - catching and releasing Monty near a waste station, where the 'monster snake' can now feed on rats to his heart's content.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, David said Trina was "understandably panicky when she called."

"He wasn't a little fella, and he was strutting his stuff in the bedroom."

If this isn't a photo of a snake 'strutting it's stuff', I don't know what is:

Image via Facebook.

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time Trina's had a visit from Monty.

'First photo I have of him… was in 2012 but I’m pretty sure he’s been in the roof for a lot longer,' she shared on Facebook.

'He used to slither down into the pool area for a feed and a drink then slither back up just before sunrise unless he had a tummy full of food and got stuck.'

'I'm pretty happy that he’s gone. Snake catcher said he was a kangaroo killer!'

We're happy you were safe, Trina. And at least now you know that if you're ever after a tenant, you have a very keen friend nearby.