Queensland Rail's pram warning has parents fuming.

Yesterday, Queensland Rail released footage that would send a shiver down any parent‘s spine.

The video showed an empty pram rolling into the path of a moving train, while the mother was seemingly unaware.

They state that they chose to release the footage to, “remind parents of the potentially devastating consequences of inattentiveness on stations and on platforms.”

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Video via Queensland Rail

Queensland Rail point out that the woman, “did the right thing by holding onto the child.” Yet they saw error in her action of turning her back on the pram which subsequently rolls into the train, causing significant damage.

Yet what was offered as a warning to all parents, quickly turned into a source of judgement on social media:

“So unbelievable silly,” one commenter wrote.

“This is why prams have brakes,” commented another.

Another added, “This is why you get in the habit of putting the brake on!”

“I know right, something called ‘use the brakes to hold the pram back.’ Lucky the kid wasn’t in the pram. If he or she were, that parent should be fined for not using the brakes,” another commenter wrote.

Other parents quickly came to the defence of the mother in the footage:

“Wow, so many perfect mums out there who have never made a mistake,” a commenter wrote.

“Great to see lots of perfect parents out there. Really is there any need to be judgmental? Maybe if the child was in the pram, both of her hands would have been on the pram. Jeez we all make mistakes as parents and every day people,” hit back another.

Queensland Rail General Manager Safety, Assurance and Environment, Greg Fill, said, “The footage is a sobering reminder of the importance of being vigilant at stations and on platforms, especially when traveling with children and objects such as prams.”

“A second is all it takes for an incident like this to turn from a close call to something much worse. For your own safety and the safety of your family, we cannot stress enough to please be vigilant and keep a close eye on children and prams,” Mr Fill added.


Mr Fill emphasised the importance of making sure the brake on the pram has been applied, standing behind the yellow line, adhering to safety signage and staying within the designated safety areas.

“A second is all it takes for an incident like this to turn from a close call to something much worse." (Image via iStock)

Train Driver, Peter Cohen, added that such incidents also have a severe impact on the driver.

“These types of incidents are often shocking and traumatic for train drivers. Some train drivers are repeatedly suffering trauma as a result of these types of close calls, including nightmares and flashbacks,” Mr Cohen said.

“Our only option as train drivers is to apply the emergency brake, and what many people don’t realise is that trains – particularly express or freight trains – can sometimes take more than a kilometre to stop," Mr Cohen concluded.

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