The unbelievable footage of a teen being bound and hooded in a Queensland jail.

Just weeks after the Four Corners investigation into abuse inside juvenile Northern Territory detention centres sent shock waves around the world, more footage of institutional abuse towards minors has surfaced, this time from a facility in Queensland.

Sent to the Courier Mail on Tuesday, the 2013 CCTV video shows a then 17-year-old Jarrod Clayton inside an adult prison, surrounded by seven guards at the Brisbane Correctional Centre, being put into a body restraint and fitted with a hooded spit mask.

queensland detention centre abuse

Jarrod Clayton's mother, Tina Edwards. Source: A Current Affair. 

"Jarrod was raised in a loving family and had all the support in the world, but unfortunately, he chose the wrong path," Clayton's mother, Tina Edwards told A Current Affair on Thursday.

"Ice got involved when he was 17, and hence the major crimes because he needed to support a major habit. Something that wasn't cheap, something that you needed all the time."

Seeing the footage of her youngest son, tears streamed down the single mother of three's face.

queensland detention centre abuse

Tina Edwards with a young Jarrod. Source: A Current Affair

"Jarrod deserves to be punished for his crimes, I'm not saying that he doesn't," Edwards continued, "and if that's the way you get punished - to go to prison - then so be it. But the way he's been treated in prison, no. Not at all."

According to an official prison report seen by, Clayton had been using threatening language towards the guards and acting out, and as such, the decision to bound and gag the teenager for an hour was made.

“Prisoner Clayton continually mocked, mimicked and sarcastically repeated every direction that where [sic] given to him,” one officer wrote in the report.

queensland detention centre abuse

The footage of Jarrod Clayton that has sparked a debate around Queensland detention centre abuse. Source: A Current Affair

“Prisoner Clayton uttered words to the effect ‘you are fucking dogs and you can all get fucked’,” another claimed.

The footage clearly shows Clayton surrounded by six officers as he is bound and gagged. He is not seen to be resisting or yelling at any point.

An hour and ten minutes later, the restraints were removed, with the report stating, “Prisoner Clayton has been observed over the hour ... and has been compliant and remorseful for his actions ... the body belt and mask were removed at approximately 1530 hours.”

Video by A Current Affair

Following the ABC's investigation into abuse in the Northern Territory, a former worker at Queensland's Cleveland Youth Detention Centre claimed abuse and brutality towards minors in the prison system was also rife in their state.

The Queensland Attorney General Yvette D'Ath, however, assured the public that spit hoods - which potentially breach the convention against torture - were not used anywhere in the state.

queensland detention centre abuse

Jarrod Clayton. Source: A Current Affair

"I know who my son is, I know what my son is," Edwards said finally. "Yes, he's done wrong but does he need to be treated like that? No. And it could be anyone's son."

The Queensland Government has not yet stated if an investigation will be held.