The Queen was visiting Balmoral Castle when a pony decided to leave her a welcome gift.

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This is important.

It’s possibly the most important pony-based story of the year, nay, the decade.

You see, there is a Shetland pony named Cruachan IV.

Cruachan IV is the regimental mascot of the Royal Regiment of Scotland. He very much likes his job, especially when the Queen comes to visit.

Every summer when Queen Elizabeth comes to Scotland, Cruachan IV makes sure her visit is extra special and very memorable.

Last year, he made a great first impression by doin’ a nibble on the Queen’s bouquet while she visited Balmoral Castle.

Queen Elizabeth pony
"It tastes like pretty." Image: Getty.

According to Horse and Hound (yep, the magazine from Notting Hill actually exists) the pony was sternly told to "go away”, but did this rebel without a cause give a neigh?

Erm... neigh he did not.

This year, Cruachan IV decided to amp things up a little.


When the Queen arrived at Balmoral Castle on Monday, Cruachan did a lil' poop.

Queen Elizabeth pony
"I HALPED..." Image: Getty.

Yep, he pooped in front of the Queen.

The pony is yet to confirm whether it was a poop of excitement, a poop of defiance, or a poop caused by nibbling on one too many unauthorised floral bouquets ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Ponies aside, the Queen has a much more storied love affair with her corgis. Call it a royal romance if you will.

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