We have photo evidence that the Queen does sometimes wear pants.

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She’ll happily wear neon green from head to toe but pants are not a regular part of Queen Elizabeth‘s wardrobe.

The Queen believes that royal women should predominately wear dresses and skirts, which is why she’s not a fan of Meghan Markle’s go-to pantsuit.


While she is known for her bright colours, tailored coats and matching hats, she has in fact been photographed breaking her own ‘no pants’ rule.

You see, the Queen has in fact worn pants for official royal duty before… once. And it was way back in 1970 during a tour of Canada.

A tailor crafted her matte-silk trouser suit in an effort to ‘update her look’, but since she’s never again worn them for public duty, we can assume she definitely wasn’t a fan and probably thought ‘eff it, I’m the Queen, I don’t need no pants’ (or something a little more demure).

Queen Elizabeth wearing pants
Pretty weird tbh. Image: Getty.

I know what you're thinking... pants are great. Leggings belong to the pant family. And uh, if not trackies, what the heck does the Queen wear when she's in the middle of a Netflix binge, eating greasy Uber Eats pizza on the couch?

Unfortunately we're still not sure on that one, but don't be too disappointed: Queen Elizabeth has been photographed in pants a handful of other times when she was just out livin' her life, or riding a horse because no, not even Her Majesty can get on a horse gracefully in a skirt.

Here is photo evidence that pants ARE a thing that the Queen sometimes enjoys:

SCRABSTER, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 02: Queen Elizabeth II disembarks the Hebridean Princess with other members of the Royal Family in Scrabster Harbour on August 2, 2010 in Scrabster, Scotland. The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh along with the royal family have been on a ten day cruise to celebrate the 60th birthday of The Princess Royal next month and the 50th birthday of The Duke of York earlier this year. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)
The Queen worn pants when disembarking the Hebridean Princess in 2010. The royal family had just been on a ten day cruise to celebrate the 60th birthday of The Princess Royal and the 50th birthday of The Duke of York. Image: Getty.
TORNOWAY, SCOTLAND - JUL 29: Queen Elizabeth II in suede coat, headscarf and trousers with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh leave the Hebridean Princess at Stornoway after a holiday cruise around the Western Isles to celebrate the Queen's 80th birthday on July 29, 2006 in Stornoway, Scotland. (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)
She disembarked the same ship in pants in 2006. The royal fam loves a cruise. Image: Getty.
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 14: Queen Elizabeth II Grimacing And Feeling Discomfort As She Leaves The King Edward Vii Hospital After Surgery To Remove Cartilage In Her Knee Following An Accident On Uneven Ground. She Was Walking With The Aid Of A Walking Stick (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)
In 2003, The Queen left the hospital after having cartilage removed from her knee in a grey suit. She hardly ever wears pants, but when she does she's just had knee surgery? Ok. Image: Getty.
WINDSOR, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 08: During His State Visit, Queen Elizabeth Ll Riding Her Horse 'burmese' In Windsor Great Park With President Reagan Who Is Riding 'centennial'. Wearing A Hacking Jacket, Jodhpurs And Riding Boots, She Wears A Headscarf In Place Of The More Traditional, And Safe, Protective Riding Hat. The Horses 'burmese' And 'centennial' Had Both Been Given To Her As A Gift. (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)
Horse riding is definitely an activity requiring pants. Not helmets though, apparently. Here she is with US President Ronald Reagan in 1982. Image: Getty.
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip on safari during their state visit to Zambia, 1979. (Photo by Serge Lemoine/Getty Images)
The Queen and Prince Phillip enjoyed a safari during their state visit to Zambia in 1979... but can we please talk about that shirt? Image: Getty.

Embrace the pants, Elizabeth, you know you want to.