People think the Queen's hat holds a 'hidden message' and conspiracy theories are flying.

Overnight across the pond, the Queen gave her annual speech at Britain’s State Opening of Parliament. By all accounts, it went well. She said some stuff. People clapped.

But this year, things were a bit different. It was decidedly low key.

There were no jewels or fur, nor the gold-encrusted carriage her majesty normally rocks up in. And even though the royal crown’s transportation to the venue was nicer than yours at Year 12 formal, it never rested on her head.

While many believe the country’s current political climate may have motivated the Queen to dial it down a notch, I think maybe the woman just didn’t feel like being weighed down with 20 kilos worth of wealth and grandeur.

The UK’s government is all over the place, her grandson is dating outside the aristocracy, and she’s gotta work when she’d rather be by her sick husband’s bedside.

The Queen’s got a lot on her plate, so forgive the 91-YEAR-OLD for not being her most sparkly self.

Listen: Have you watched Netflix’s The Crown? If not, now’s the time to start (post continues after audio…)


But the Queen’s ~low key~ outfit wasn’t the only thing the internet was talking about.

No, no, it was the hidden message in her pretty purple hat. (Stay with me here…)

Apparently, the Queen has taken the time to (allegedly) make a political statement with her European Union-coloured headwear.

Does this mean the Queen is totally anti-Brexit? Does it mean she wants to jump ship from Britain and go live in the Greek Islands or something? Does it say anything about her feelings for Theresa May?


As someone who’s binged The Crown and therefore knows Elizabeth quite well, I’d say there’s a chance her purpley/blue hat is highly, kind of, maybe a coincidence.