Beyonce just suffered a major onstage injury, but she was not phased in the slightest.

It’s hard to imagine anyone being able to remain cool, calm and collected after violently ripping their earlobe open, but for Beyonce, it was, naturally, a walk in the park.

And, because she’s a consummate performer, she even managed to hide it from concertgoers for a while.

Performing at the Brooklyn Barclays Centre on Saturday, the Grammy winner was seen wiping her right earlobe during a performance of “Haunted”, looking briefly down at her hand and carrying on with the hit track like it was no big deal.

beyonce rips earlobe

The earrings in question. Source: Getty. 

Except it WAS a big deal.

The giant sculptural earrings she was wearing had ripped off her ear and left her lobe really, really bloodied.

But Bey didn't even pause for breath.

Her facial expression didn't change in the slightest when she realised her ear blood was all over her fingers!

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She didn't even order her backup dancers to search the floor for the lost earring!

Nope, the 35-year-old just carried on as though the pain no doubt pulsating through her ear was not there.

Far out, that just ... that really looks like it hurt.

beyonce rips earlobe

Beyonce rips earlobe, has no cares. Source: Getty. 

Championing the mother-of-one after the performance, one concert-goer tweeted, "Poor Yonće. Her earlobe was ripped in half and bleeding and she still gave a stellar performance."

Another agreed, tweeting, “@Beyonce is a true performer because I’m pretty sure her braid has gotten caught in her earrings. And she bleeding down her ear #TIDALX1015.”

And that, friends, is why she's the Queen Bee.