Beyonce trying to save Solange from falling over is why big sisters are the freaking best.

Even when she falls, Beyonce does it spectacularly.

Queen Bey was performing on stage at Coachella – blowing fans away for the second time in a week – and beside her was her younger sister, and legend in her own right, singer Solange.

With the song Get Me Bodied playing, everything was going down in glitter-filled dance-moves-you’d-kill-for fashion, when the pair fell on top of each other mid-manoeuvre.

Video of the fall shows Beyonce apparently try to lift Solange when – the stiletto heels conspiring against them – the pair fall over backwards.

Of course, everything the Knowles’ do, they do it like bosses, and Beyonce led the cover-up by kicking her legs in the air and laughing as she climbed to her feet.

They. Didn’t. Miss. A. Beat.

The reaction from fans on Twitter is appropriately humbled.