In lockdown with more than 3 people? You need to do a 'Quarantine Pyramid'. Immediately.

Okay so we might be running out of things to do in isolation.

But bear with us.

Gather your housemates/dogs/children/parents immediately. The internet has invented a new thing – it’s kind of like Dance Moms meets Survivor and quite frankly we’re obsessed.

Ok, so first things first, watch this for inspiration:

Video via Dance Moms

If you’re an avid Dance Moms fan, you’ll be well acquainted with Abby Lee Miller’s pyramid system to rank her dancers from best to worst.

She does it weekly and it’s cut throat. Like, you do not want to be under that first piece of paper.

Now let’s get a little sprinkling of Survivor up in here.

Who is the weakest link? Who is not contributing to the tribe?

You get the gist.

Now welcome to the new internet trend that is “family quarantine pyramid,” a new challenge doing the rounds on TikTok that will do one of two things: make your family members cry, or encourage your self isolation buddies to outshine each other with cleanliness, loveliness and helpfulness as they battle to outwit, outplay and outlast their fellow survivors.


Let us explain further. 

The young peoples of the TikTok have been ranking their families pyramid style, with bottom of the stack offences ranging from hogging the remote, eating too many quarantine snacks, not cleaning up after dinner and crying too much.

To get to the top of the pyramid, you must contribute significantly to the running of the household, which might include cooking dinner, being generally pleasant to be around, or doing the washing.

Here are some examples:

@jennypehotaWhile we are all trapped together during the quarantine, I decided to rank my family dance moms pyramid style ##fyp ##foryoupage ##dancemoms ##coronatime♬ original sound – jennypehota

@shadyy..sadiept. 1 of family pyramid ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##familypyramid ##ThisIsQuitting ##nbamoments ##cleaningszn ##PlayByPlay ##distancedance ##comedy ##xyzbca♬ original sound – shadyy..sadie

@emmakatereynoldsi’m the favourite in the family by popular vote @tiaareynolds ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##familypyramid ##dancemoms♬ original sound – emmakatereynolds

For some it’s a dictatorship, with one person appointing themselves as the decider of the pyramid structure. Often a PowerPoint presentation accompanies the pyramid, with dot point explanations for each person’s position on the chart.

Others are choosing to run their house like a democracy, and allow voting.

Surely it’s a great strategy for getting the laziest family members to lift their game and taking some of the pressure off Mum and Dad. Genius.

Might we add, some of these TikToks have received more than two million likes on the social media platform. Insanity.

Either way, isolation gripes are out on the table for all to see as we all try and manoeuvre this whole self isolation thing – some with family members we’ve never spent as much time with, ever.

So grab your isolation house, create a weekly pyramid and get playing.

What could possibly go wrong.

Feature image: Dance Moms/TikTok.

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