Qantas is introducing new dress standards. Fancy flyers only from now on.

Bogans, beware. Qantas Club is after you.

Any passengers visiting Qantas Club or Qantas Business Lounge from April 1st will be held to a strict new dress code.

A smart casual dress code, that is. Smartly casual. Casually smart.

And if you’re a bit too ‘casual’ and not enough ‘smart’? Your entry will be refused “at the discretion of the lounge staff”. Like a nightclub.

Qantas has said that the new guidelines are pretty much just a reminder to a minority of people who rock up to the airport in their jammies.

Need fashion advice? Have a smarter wardrobe in 2015.

“The vast majority of our members meet and exceed the guidelines, but we have had some feedback from customers that they want to see those guidelines apply to everyone,” a Qantas spokesperson told Australian Business Traveller.

For anyone who needs the reminder, this look is acceptable:


This is not:

Class dismissed.

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