The 7 best moments from the night women took over QandA.

In celebration of International Women’s Day (yesterday), tonight’s Q & A featured guest host Annabel Crabb and an all female lineup.

Panelists included Australia’s Foreign Minister and Mamamia’s most recent contributor Julie Bishop, feminist icon Germaine Greer, self-proclaimed ‘bad-feminist’ Roxane Gay, CEO of Best and Less Holly Kramer and Youth Without Borders founder Yassmin Abdel-Magied.

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Here are some of the highlights from the Q&A International Women’s Day special, from a diverse group of incredible women:

1. Roxane on ‘marketing’ feminism- “I don’t care”.

Bad feminist Roxane Gay responded to the notion of ‘marketing’ feminism to young women or to men (“Men need to get over themselves”) with one simple and excellent phrase. “I. Don’t. Care.”

Andy why should you?

2. Julie Bishop is offended by Annabel not describing herself as a Liberal.

The Foreign Minister was asked the inevitable question about that time she said she wasn’t a feminist. Annabel was deeply offended by the notion. Julie was offended that Annabel doesn’t identify as a Liberal. Oh, snap.

3. Germaine will NOT be silenced

When Germaine segued into Gabrielle McMullin’s comments on systematic sexual harassment in the medical profession, host Annabel Crabb tried to move the discussion elsewhere, because that very question was coming up!

But would Germaine Greer by silenced? Of course not.

Germaine will never be silenced. And so, we’re talking about it NOW, thanks.

Then she said something about “slap and tickle” that made us all a little uncomfortable.

4. You could hear a pin drop when Julie Bishop spoke about the Bali executions.

A highlight of the evening was the total silence that fell over then audience as Julie Bishop spoke eloquently and with true feeling as she made a plea for “mercy, humanity and forgiveness” for Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. “I am not going to give up hope” she says.


And yes, later Germaine did ask the Minister if she would be prepared to ‘free the nipple’ to assure their lives. But let’s hurry past that…

5. Roxane Gay is our spirit animal.

When addressing the issue of combating sexual propositioning in the workplace, Roxane the #baddest of all #badfeminists had an interesting suggestion.

“Bite it off.”

I think we can use a Julie Bishop face for that one.

6.Yassmin calls Germaine old and Germaine’s face says “I will cut you.”

“I mean you’re probably better with the statistics!” she stuttered, sitting next to the two most frightening women in Australia.

Yes, Yassmin. They probably are. But you were excellent.

7. So Minister, do you think you could have kids AND your job?

Yes, someone went there. An audience member asked Julie Bishop if she could do her job just as well if she had children. Ooof.

And the Foreign Minister pointed out the job’s family unfriendly credentials: Packing up at a moment’s notice. Overseas travel. And an ever-changing itinerary that could mean you’re away from home for three weeks at a time.

But she did then point out that most Foreign Ministers who came before her had children. But they were men, and no-one asked them about it.

Look, we miss Tony, but we’d be happy to have a panel like this every week – populated by interesting, devastatingly intelligent, funny women.

What did you think of tonight’s Q&A?