These photos aim to put an end to the "mummy wars." Once and for all.

As a mum

 you sometimes feel judged for whatever you do. From how you became pregnant, to what you ate while pregnant, how you delivered the baby and then every parenting decision you have ever made after that (and dads aren’t exempt from this either).

So when we saw what this wonderful group of mums are doing, well, we just couldn’t wipe the smile off our faces.

Created in 2011 by Michelle Noehren, CT Working Moms is an online community for women from Connecticut in the US balancing work and family life. “It aims to be a place of compassion and support for all mums because the world needs more love and less judgement.” 

Even though they are all different “kinds of mums” they have joined forces and come together on the most debatable parenting

 issues out there.

We think you’ll agree that their pictures make you feel pretty darn smiley. Share them with all the wonderful mums you know.

These photos are from the CT Working Moms site.